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OPINION: The abortion debate is not over

Patricia Wiedemer

Guest Opinion

This week a group from Ontario – Show the Truth – which uses shocking images of shocking abortion realities, made P.E.I. news and there was an editorial in The Guardian on the matter. For clarification, P.E.I. Right to Life is not connected with Show the Truth, and did not invite them to P.E.I.

Our communication strategy is different; we educate on the dignity of all human life in all stages and promote a culture of life. However, we do share the position that the baby in the womb has a right to be born.

We work for a culture where all are cared for and loved at whatever stage of human development. All life deserves dignity and the chance to thrive. The right to life is a universally declared right. P.E.I. Right to Life promotes life-affirming messaging and encourages all to embrace life with hope and confidence. P.E.I. Right to Life educational efforts are focused on helping all men and women, children, babies, families, vulnerable citizens, and elderly, understand their dignity and worth and know where they can receive assistance to live with joy and hope.

The editorial stated: “If the demonstrators don’t like the law, then they should take the democratic and legal route and try to have it changed.” Shockingly, as there is no law in Canada – if a baby is aborted just short of nine months in the womb, no law is broken, no legal offence committed. Although abortion was decriminalized, it is not a legal or charter right. Canada has an absence of law and is the only first-world country without a law, sharing shameful association with China and North Korea as lawless countries. We challenge the author of the editorial to cite a Canadian statute of law or charter right to abortion.

The editorial also stated that “Islanders aren’t going to put up with this group and its anti-abortion agenda trying to brainwash our kids,” and the proper place for discussions about abortion is only in the school and at home. How strange that the press doesn’t recognize the importance of the public square! Schools aren’t teaching the basic scientific fact that the human heartbeat starts as early as sixteen days gestation. The editorial ignores the essential question: If a human life does not start at conception, then at what point does a baby become human? This is the key question abortionists will not answer and do not want addressed in law.

The really big news this week is Alabama just passed the most positive pro-life law in the U.S., and six other states have recently passed laws restricting abortions to six weeks when a fetal heartbeat can be detected by ultrasound. In Canada, since the decriminalization of abortion in 1969, over four million babies were aborted – four million heartbeats were ended; so sad, so tragic and so unnecessary.

As for what Islanders will ‘put up with,’ the last provincial election reflected that pro-life votes count, and the upcoming federal election will be promoting the message that a vote for a pro-abortion member of parliament (MP) is a vote for abortion. P.E.I. Right to Life asks for your support to save lives and to make a difference by being there for those in need of knowledge, material and compassionate support.

Patricia Wiedemer is the executive director of P.E.I. Right to Life Association

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