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LETTER: Wimpy about weather

Julia Cook looks like she's inside a snow globe while walking down Grafton Street near the cenotaph in Charlottetown on Friday evening. P.E.I. saw significant snowfall Friday afternoon, and it appears winter is far from over – more snow is in the forecast for Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. STEPHEN BRUN/THE GUARDIAN
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While I’m happy to give credit to our weather forecasters, locally and regionally, I take exception to calling a day of -8 to -10 C “bitter cold.”

Today, Feb. 6, we have a couple of weather systems to pass through or over our Island and already I’ve heard one visitor say, “They’re saying 40 centimetres of snow.”

Too ridiculous to even respond to.

I’ve lived on this Island 72 plus years and like my late mother, I can feel it in my bones what a weather system will do (or not do).

So far, this fall and winter, there have been two weather systems that kept me inside.

The first was on Nov. 30, and while not severe in Charlottetown, it was bad enough to delay the Santa parade until the next day.

That “storm” day became my Christmas baking day.

There was only one nasty day in January where I didn’t venture out.

Overall, we are having a great winter (remember 2015), or take a “gander” at our Newfoundland neighbours.

As for Halifax, they’ve had more rain systems than snow.

I hear young TV forecasters often saying, “So bundle up. It’s going to be a cold start tomorrow,” when it is going to be -10 or -12 C.

I’m tempted to say they are a tad wimpy.

I relish going walking in those minuses, in fact, I can recall some of my best walks in weather beyond -20 C with wind chill.

Perhaps this Celsius scale makes things seem much worse than it really is!

Kathy Birt,

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