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LETTER: Who would pay for BIG?

Don’t let writing letters to the editor become a dying art.
Don’t let writing letters to the editor become a dying art.

I have to agree with Marie Burge (Let’s not get back to normal, Guardian May 16) in identifying the real victims of the pandemic economic downturn as being the poorest in our society. She rightly calls for the introduction of the basic income guarantee. In my observation, its time has come.

What I don’t hear is the question from where is the money coming? Taxing the rich is the answer usually supplied. Who are these people? Anecdotal evidence gives reason to believe that the wealthy already pay a lot of tax. It is the small minority of mega-wealthy who seem to have access to tax breaks that enable them to avoid a lot of tax. Naturally the government should go after that loss of revenue.

It is my opinion that a basic income guarantee can only be paid if we have a very strong and productive economy. That requires the creation of much wealth, and governments don’t create wealth, they redistribute it. The same people who are asking for the BIG are in many cases the same people who seem to be opposed to any activity that actually produces wealth, in particular in the energy sector. They want to shut it down.

A fundamental part of a strong economy is abundant, affordable, reliable energy. If they think we can have that from renewables, they are deluded. Some clear thinking is needed on this issue if justice is to be the result.

Peter Noakes,


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