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A recent article in the Journal Pioneer dated May 4 recorded a former employee of Credit Union Place who pleaded guilty to the theft of monies from his place of employment for more than three years. As a former manager with a large corporation for many years, I cannot imagine how this behaviour by an employee over this time period was not detected by his superiors. I am curious as to the whereabouts of the directors of the community during the period this crime was taking place. As a long-time city taxpayer and someone who has dedicated many volunteer hours to my community, I am very concerned by the cavalier attitude displayed by everyone involved. I believe that Summerside citizens have the right to know the exact amount of monies stolen and who in management will be held accountable for the neglect that allowed this crime to go undetected for over three years as well what measures have been put in place to insure that all monies lost will be returned to our city coffers and that this sort of criminal behaviour will be nipped in the bud next time?

Elmer Williams,


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