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LETTER: Where does electricity come from?

Mike Cassidy, who owns the Coach Atlantic motorcoach service and T3 Transit, is bringing an electric motorcoach to P.E.I. in March for a test drive and to show government officials. He said the push is on to switch to electric, but he reminds people that the transition doesn’t happen overnight and is expensive. Dave Stewart/The Guardian
Mike Cassidy, owner T3 Transit. - Dave Stewart

Mike Cassidy is a treasure. I ride his transit buses regularly in winter when I can't or won't ride my little motorcycle. It suits me fine, and the drivers are always helpful and courteous.

Now he is giving an electric bus a demo (Taking historic test drive, Feb. 8). Good for him. This surely is the way of the future, eventually, global warming or no. However, nobody seems to be asking the question, from where will the extra electricity come?

If we are pinning our faith on wind and solar, forget it, they don't add up. Nuclear is the only way to go, and I'm pleased to note that another fan of public transit also finds that there is no other solution.

As always, I ask people to do some reading and weigh up the pros and cons and hopefully come to the same conclusion as I have.

Peter Noakes,

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