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LETTER: What’s wrong with coy, in love?

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I’ll probably get backlash for making these comments about a lovable old Christmas song which I remember seeing in s movie way back as a young girl. It may have gotten to TV screens in the late 1950s. And would have been replayed annually during the holiday season for many years to come.

Yes, I’m talking about Baby, It’s Cold Outside. I never, at any time throughout my life, saw this movie as a man seducing a woman. It simply seemed romantic and cute at the time. Why change romantic and cute? Must we erase all romance from the TV, movie screens and from radio?

There is much worse lyrics in songs that are heard daily on some radio stations. I recall hearing a country music song by a male singer while shopping in a local store. The singer said, “Can’t wait to get you in bed.” I don’t listen to music radio and actually said to another shopper, “Did he really say that in a song?”

What about this one by Alan Jackson? "When I look into your soft green eyes, when I see your delicate body revealed to me as you slip off your dress, I'm reminded that what I feel for you.” Nothing left to the imagination there.

The cute back-and-forth between the man and woman in that 1949 song/movie holds memories for me of two people being coy and perhaps in love. Is there anything wrong with that?

Kathy Birt,


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