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LETTER: We have to pay for the sun

The shoreline near North Rustico. (The Guardian/
The shoreline near North Rustico. - Contributed

We of North Rustico spent all our time at the beach in the summer when we were young. Now that we are seniors we have to pay to enjoy the water and the sun. When we were young we had a dressing room and a bathroom not far from the beach, now the bathroom is about a half-mile away. So if we need to use the facilities, we have to get in the car with our wet bathing suits, drive down the road, lose our parking spot. Or we could just do our job in the water, not a good idea!

So as I was walking from the boardwalk at the harbour, I noticed a new building had gone up where people got onto the beach — a beautiful bathroom for men and women. Most of the people who attend the beach at the harbour do not pay to enjoy the beach, so Parks Canada, how about a nice small bathroom up towards the toll booth where we pay to enjoy the beach?

Nancy Gallant,
North Rustico

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