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LETTER: Upset with floating dock

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Even though the Charlottetown mayor and city council passed the resolution for the floating dock on July 18, 2018, there wasn’t any discussion on the floating dock prior to this that the public can provide their input. Doesn’t seem right that a floating dock which will increase traffic and headaches for area residents wasn’t a factor for a public meeting to be called. Even though the legal opinion came back recently and said they need to have a public meeting.

When the resolution was passed it was a special meeting which occurred at lunchtime and took only five minutes. The Municipal Government Act states in subsection five requirement for a public meeting part (b) and (d) weren’t followed. Notice of a public meeting subsection six and requirements and subsection seven required information indicate the date and time and describe what will be discussed.

The public was left in the dark about this floating dock and weren’t able to provide their input.

Tamara MacDonald,

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