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LETTER: Turfing the red and blue this election

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I was enjoying a leisurely Saturday morning read of the Guardian when I came across an ad from our current governing party that promised a real health-care plan for this wonderful island. Wow what a great idea. Why hadn't anyone thought of that before? It has to be better than using the current system of capping the amount of dollars/number of health-care professionals that we are implementing today. That’s right there is a cap and of course there has to be as governments need to be fiscally responsible. But here's a thought, shouldn't  the cap be compatible with the needs Islanders? Shouldn't everyone have access to a family doctor. Our chronic shortage of health-care professional is by design and won't improve until we allot the necessary funding to health care. Keeping that in mind, how can we reduce taxes as promised by both the Liberals and Conservatives? How, indeed, when we don't generate enough taxes to pay for our civil servants let alone all of the programs needed to serve the needs of tax payers Island wide. So what will happen come April 23? Will we do our usual flip flop and turf the Liberals and reinstate the Conservatives? I have over the years voted for both of these parties mainly because there was no viable alternative but this year I am trashing both my red and my blue underwear and imagining something better. I expect it will be a refreshing and liberating experience.

Kevin Holloway,
Union Corner

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