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LETTER: Trudeau wrong to accept the term "genocide"

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First off, I want to say that I am and have always been a supporter of helping our Indigenous friends. I also believe that governments of all stripes have done their best to right the wrongs that were committed to the Indigenous people. In this case, I believe it takes all parties involved to do their part working together to right the wrongs. However, I do not accept that we have committed genocide. Retired General Romeo Dallaire’s definition of genocide is, and I quote, “a deliberate act of a government to exterminate, deliberately and by force and directly, an ethnicity or a group of human beings and that meant actually going and slaughtering people.”

I believe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was wrong to accept the word “genocide” in accepting the report from the commission. We should now begin to implement the findings of the commission and right the wrongs that have occurred over the years.

Harriet Worden,


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