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LETTER: Traffic, parking problems still linger with floating dock

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So, after finally taking into account pros and cons from the public (mostly cons in my view), the floating dock is going to be installed at Victoria Park. Although it was a bit of a “cart before the horse” process – i.e., the public meeting should have been held before the dock was purchased – at least some of the concerns were taken into account and compromises made (one-year trial period and no water craft to be launched off the dock). One of the supposed features of the dock is accessibility for those with disabilities. One thing I wonder about, for example, is how are people on wheelchairs supposed to safely navigate a sloped ramp leading to the dock. Something else to watch for after its implementation is increased traffic and parking problems. This is already a very congested area with limited parking spaces, especially with the popularity of the new accessible playground nearby. Traffic and parking problems will be further compounded when the swimming pool opens later this month.

David MacCallum,

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