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LETTER: The Island way of life

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Have you started tasting the smorgasbord of Island talent yet? We attended Harmony House Theatre which features comedian Patrick Ledwell and musician Mark Haines. The show is called the Island Summer Review. You can even enjoy dinner at this quaint little theatre nestled in Hunter River prior to the performance.

We have attended this show several times over the years. Apparently this is the seventh year for the Ledwell and Haines duo. They feature lots of tunes and stories which are sure to tickle your funny bone. Haines and Ledwell were very versatile using an assortment of instruments.

The Compost News, Guardian excerpts and naming the various roundabouts was hilarious. They even featured pictures that went along with their stories. It was easy to see that Islanders and tourists alike were enjoying the show as there was laughter all around. People participated by singing and clapping their hands as well as tapping their toes to the beat of the music.

No matter if you are an “Islander” or a “Come From Away,” there will be something for you. Islanders are a special breed, and according to Patrick, we do have our ways of expressing ourselves. He pokes fun at the Island way of life but what better place to call home!

We are so blessed to live on this beautiful Island. There are many talented musicians and entertainers who would love to make a memorable evening for you. Get out and enjoy all that P.E.I. has to offer.

Marlene Bryenton,


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