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LETTER: Thanks for keeping distance

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It occurs to me that some of us are weathering this social distancing thing better than others. Namely, introverts like myself who are quite comfortable keeping distance from others, and who were not avid hand-shakers or social butterflies.

Welcome to the free trial of an introverted lifestyle.

Firstly, I would like to just say that I get how uncomfortable and new this might be for some of you who are not used to it as a norm. It is a headache, an inconvenience, and it is just plain unsettling or scary.

More importantly: thank you to all those who are self-isolating, social distancing and listening to health officials. I cannot express how clearly your actions speak to me, my family, and my grandparents. You are literally the people who are going to be what gives us a fighting chance at survival. When this is all over, those who are vulnerable at at-risk are the ones you are preserving and that is absolutely amazing to see.

The people are coming together to protect each other (by staying apart) and that is almost jarring to me to see. The sacrifice that you are making is unprecedented, but it is an act that speaks volumes to the depths of your care for those of us who are at risk here. As you might imagine, being in this risk group means that when left unchecked, we overwhelm the hospital’s resources and may be left without adequate care that we would otherwise have.

I know times are confusing, stressful and causing some significant inconvenience, and thank you for managing through it to keep people like me out of the crosshairs. You are all truly appreciated.

CJ Verbeem,

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