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LETTER: So much to be grateful for

Thank you note
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These are trying times for all Islanders. COVID-19 has dramatically altered so much of our daily routines and we are uncertain what the future holds over the coming weeks. Few of us could have imagined that a virus that we never had heard of a few months ago could have brought us so quickly to this point.

As we move through this pandemic I want to share a few thoughts.

First, let us add our voice of thanks to health-care professionals and workers who have risen to the occasion to care for us. We appreciate all that you are doing. Our hope is that you can continue to find the strength and courage required in these trying times.

Dr. Heather Morrison’s care, concern and professionalism is a steady voice, and thanks go to those who are working with her as well. The challenge of keeping transmission limited is tough and we encourage everyone to follow their advice.

We are extremely grateful to the many others who are serving us: ie, truckers, grocery store workers, shelter workers and business owners who are delivering their goods. Additionally, it is heartening to see the numerous acts of kindness and generosity shown by Islanders reaching out to their neighbours.

Our sense of community is changing. A virus that has brought about so much uncertainty is also bringing out strength and resiliency in many. These are the qualities that will be required over the coming months as the depth of the impact of coronavirus becomes clearer.

I encourage everyone to continue to follow the guidelines even as they change from day to day. We will get through this and we will be stronger as we rely on each other across the social distances.

As we move together in response to COVID-19 let us live the closeness that keeps us apart, help our neighbours, appreciate those that are still working, and wash our hands frequently and thoroughly.

Joe Byrne,
Leader, Island New Democrats

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