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LETTER: Saying Goodbye

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EDITOR: After seeing and reading the farewell editorial from Bill McGuire, Jan. 12th , I feel compelled to offer a thank you to Bill for publishing my letters as many times as he did. And that I’ll miss his editorials that were “blunt,” “frank” and to the point. As for me, I’m about to publish My Letters to the Editor Book Two and have casually mentioned to friends, maybe I’ll stop writing letters to the editor. Now at 71, when I should be doing less writing, I’m doing more. This is easily done, considering I’m out of the active work force. And as a still somewhat active freelance journalist, it is not easy to keep one’s opinions to oneself. It’s just who I am. But, if this letter gets printed, it will be my last to this newspaper. I must focus on other books in the works; but having said that, I will add that I’m a faithful reader of The Guardian and get very cranky if it is not at my door by 6:30 a.m. All the best Bill!

Kathy Birt,


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