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LETTER: Safety needs to be everyone's priority

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Here are a few observations regarding pedestrians, vehicle drivers and cyclists.

Pedestrians are crossing the streets and crosswalks without looking for oncoming traffic. Drivers may not see them and may not be able to stop in time. Pedestrians need to make sure all vehicles in all directions are stopped before crossing the street.

Those overhead walk signal lights require caution. Pedestrians press the button, then immediately cross the street before making sure the vehicles are going to stop. Pedestrians need to give drivers more time to stop, and give the drivers time to stop so they don’t have to stop abruptly. Cyclists also need to use caution when cycling on the streets.

It used to be proper procedure when vehicles have an obstruction, such as bicycles, parked vehicles, etc., that they wait for the oncoming traffic to pass before turning onto the oncoming traffic lane. For example, one very frightening incident occurred this summer when we were travelling on a main highway. There were two cyclists travelling towards us on the other side of the road. Two vehicles travelling very fast approached the cyclists, and immediately turned onto our lane to pass the bicycles. Fortunately and thankfully, there was a shoulder available to turn onto. The two vehicles passed the bicycles, and almost caused a head-on collision. These vehicles gave the cyclists plenty of clearance but ignored oncoming traffic. (We have experienced many other similar incidences while travelling). Please stop and wait behind the obstruction when there is oncoming traffic approaching on the other lane.

Also, passengers and drivers need to use caution when opening the vehicle doors. Look before opening the door(s) – always watch for others, watch for oncoming traffic, cyclists, walkers, and runners. Drivers need to be more cautious at traffic lights; also when turning in and coming out of intersections, etc. I noticed in one particular area, drivers pulling out from the side streets directly into the traffic travelling on Brighton Road. Drivers need to stop; make sure it is safe to pull out of intersections before continuing on their travels.

Please help keep our streets and roads safer for all users by being cautious, and using extra care when travelling, cycling, walking, and running. Safety should be everyone’s priority at all times.

Brenda Howatt,


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