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LETTER: Rise above party politics

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Let me just say off the top Dennis King, you are a real breath of fresh air in the premier’s office. I really hope you can rise above all the stupid political games that all parties engage in and give us the governance that we need and deserve.

As you head into your first sitting, I would ask you to remember a few basics. You, and 25 (soon to be 26) other MLAs were all elected for the same purpose, namely, to be the voice of your constituents, both those who voted for you and those who did not. No one, and I mean no one, was voted solely to oppose.

Opposition was created by the party system, and is a deterrent to good government if applied at all costs. There will be those who disagree with a plan or idea, and that is good, but that disagreement needs a more substantial reason than the colour of their tie.

If you and all elected MLAs can avoid playing politics and just be the voice of your constituents, you will be performing the duties you were elected to perform. Never mind the ‘backroom boys,’ they weren’t elected and their voices should carry no more weight than mine or anyone else’s. This is a golden opportunity for all MLAs to stop the party politics and just govern. We deserve a lot better than we’ve been getting for the last number of years.

I know it sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, if you and all MLAs can just put all those political games in the dumpster where they belong, keep things simple and be the voice of your constituents, you be doing the job you were elected to do.

I believe you have the potential to be a very good premier for our province. Just don’t let party politics get in the way of good governance. After all, it is all about people, isn’t it?

Good luck to all our elected MLAs. You will never have a better opportunity than right now to rise above ‘party politics’ and give us the kind of governance that we need and deserve. Party politics and good governance do not go hand in hand – not at all!

Shawn Landon,

Murray Harbour

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