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LETTER: Resources lacking in justice department

Letters to the Editor
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Chief Provincial Court Judge Nancy Orr recently ruled a charge was dropped because of a lack of resources.

Anyone who has followed Island politics will know the province of P.E.I. brought the administration of justice into disrepute over decades. P.E.I. didn't have audio or video when a person appears before a justice of the peace. Municipalities and municipal police aren't under the Access to Information Act.

There is no provincial ombudsman. It took years for a police commissioner. P.E.I. didn't need a child advocate to challenge a parent smoking cigarettes or marijuana, drinking, doing drugs or on drug addiction. The slickest isn't deleting emails regarding e-gaming, it is the Liberals changing the P.E.I. Election Act after the 2007 provincial election.

Nobody has justified anyone paying a fine for a provincial offence since no one has charged the Liberals, Conservative or Greens under the Controverted Elections Act.

This is no different than the Trudeau government and all of its political patronage appointments of Canadian judges. There isn't a reason to trust any of the current 27 MLAs or trust any former MLA that brought the administration of justice into disrepute by not providing proper resources.

John W.A.Curtis,

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