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LETTER: Propane barbecues aren't "ticking time bombs"

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I read with concern your July 29 editorial (Bylaws and barbecues) and your gratuitous characterization of propane, specifically in reference to, “grilling hamburgers and hotdogs on their ticking time bomb barbecues.”

As the editorial noted, propane was not the cause of the fire at the Harold Apartment complex and yet the impression has been left with readers that propane is unsafe, which absolutely untrue.

(EDITORIAL: Bylaws and barbecues).

Propane is a safe, low-emission fuel and is enjoyed by millions of Canadians every day in applications such as heating, transportation, farming, and of course, cooking, just to name a few. Safety is a top priority for the propane industry and we are very proud of our record in that regard.

As with for all fuels, the proper use and handling is very important, which is why educating people about the safe use of propane is an important part of what our industry does – in part to combat unfair and reckless references as was displayed in your editorial.

I invite you and your readers to visit with Canadian Propane Association members on Prince Edward Island or check out our website to learn more about propane including tips on proper use and handling.

Nathalie St-Pierre, president and CEO, Canadian Propane Association,


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