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LETTER: Promises broken on basic income

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I recently sent a letter pushing politicians to work together for a pilot project here on P.E.I. to provide a Basic Income Guarantee. The reason for this follow-up is because I regret the tone of the first letter. All democratically-elected politicians deserve respect, not scorn; they deserve challenge and debate, not shame. I would want the same.

In my desire to see social justice and my hope for the many, not the few, I expressed my impatience for promises broken and empty gestures such as unanimous approval for BIG but no action. I still challenge all the MLAs to work with the MPs of P.E.I. to begin immediately a pilot project and see it through.

I deplore Ford's Conservative government's destruction of the Ontario pilot project without waiting to see the results. I believe they fear, if it should succeed, they would lose every future election.

I deplore the loss of elected school boards and any plans for government funding of private schools. I deplore the resistance to livable wages. I want to see the childcare workers and home care workers be given decent pay, benefits, and pensions.

I want to see the workers there for long term for my own benefit when I reach my dotage. Poor wages and no benefits lead to high turnover and poor-quality work. Is that necessary for our children and infirm?

Yes, I continue to push but I will try to do so with hope and optimism.

Lynne Thiele,


Women’s Committee, NDP P.E.I.

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