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LETTER: Practise what you preach

Chief Health Officer Heather Morrision
Dr. Heather Morrison, P.E.I.'s chief health officer - Government of Prince Edward Island

Colm Magner’s letter to the Guardian (We don’t need moralizing, March 26) clearly reflects a complete lack of understanding of the problems with which Dr. Morrison has to deal on both an hourly and daily basis. The COVID-19 pandemic situation changes daily and presents challenges which require a flexible approach if we are to prevent widespread illness on P.E.I.

Dr. Morrison has to deal with multiple agencies, assimilating the best possible information and, at short notice, present that information to the general public on a daily basis. The decision to close the liquor stores was made in an attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the interests of the employees and the general public. Surely a laudable goal?

That decision was changed within 48 hours and those addicted were once again able to buy liquor. Dr. Morrison had every reason to be disappointed to see Islanders ignoring recommendations regarding social distancing in the rush to buy liquor. Her comments were not “moralizing”, but valid comments on singularly irresponsible behaviour. Before writing letters to the Guardian criticizing Dr. Morrison, Mr. Magner might better spend his time researching why the desperate rush to liquor stores occurred after repeated public appeals by Dr. Morrison for social distancing.

What I found quite distasteful in Mr. Magner’s letter was his reference to “public officials officiously mounting their high horses”. The letter is in itself officious and somewhat condescending in tone. The manner in which Dr. Morrison has led the efforts to contain COVID-19 has been exemplary and she deserves our heartfelt thanks.

Michael Hewitt,


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