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LETTER: Paying for something not used

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To the Honourable Mayor and Council of Stratford, the previous mayor had stated the newly-implemented use of residential water meters was not a tax grab. I did make a comment in response to that statement. The initial post-meter billing makes me think, once again, that the town’s stance is, at the very least, a minor tax grab. I like to have the impression that I am not paying for something – service/product – that I am not receiving. The town’s inability to measure the flow amount of sewer water should not necessitate the automatic calculation of water in equals water out. People, pets, and plants consume – that means it’s gone – water, and the town has advised of ways to reuse water without sending it out the sewer line. Washing veggies and then watering houseplants using the same water is an example promoted. The town expects, and wants, us to have less water down the sewer than comes into the residence. There are many Stratford residents who have flower and/or vegetable gardens. Irrespective of how many water-collecting apparati a residence may have, if Mother Nature does not wish to fill them at appropriate times, a tax payer may feel the need to let the town provide the needed water. Does water that enters the soil require treatment? If my water does not require treatment, I do not wish to pay for the treatment of it. Could not a percentage of "water consumption" on the bill (statement, if you prefer) be reduced with respect to the "sewer consumption" for calculating the "total current charges"? I do not think it would be outrageous to suggest a lessening of one to five per cent to the "sewer consumption," for every household which is being billed in this manner. I am sure the town could come up with an abundance of criteria, and as many policies, to which all residential dwellings would need to conform prior to accessing the reduction. I accept that it may be beneficial to the town to elevate the actual sewage requirements in order to receive increased government funding to assist in the development of a Stratford/Charlottetown sewage corridor. However; I still do not want to pay for something I am not using.

MIke Gleason,


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