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LETTER: Our soil is healthy

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I am trying to write less and be a little bit funny. Today’s warning about the danger of weed killers being present in cereals and snacks brings a very serious long-term concern to my mind. Don Mills opinion that P.E.I. should concentrate its growth efforts in the cities the way Nova Scotia's economy is all centered around Halifax shows the truth in my previous advice – "you're not thinking right, go home and lay down."

For centuries, P.E.I.'s number one industry has been agriculture. It is small wonder that with possibly the finest arable land in the world, our economy is preforming very well. My fear was that with monocrop agriculture taking hold in our beautiful Island, the weed killers would kill some of the very necessary organisms in our soil.

This beautiful spring sunshine has provided an abundant growth of the bright yellow weeds that tell me that our soil is healthy. On the subject of people who should stop eating meat because of the high level of methane gas in cattle's burps and farts – I say poppycock. Our soil is healthy because of the cattle that covered our hills for hundreds of years and because we followed the laws of nature and practiced mixed farming.

Marion E. MacCallum,


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