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LETTER: Other examples of a real farce

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What an embarrassment - getting an opposition member thrown out of the Legislative Assembly for telling the truth. A farce - thank you, Mr. Bevan-Baker for calling it as it is.

What is a farce? One of the long-standing Merriam-Webster's Dictionary's definitions of a farce: 'An empty or patently ridiculous act, proceeding, or situation.'

1) Having a provincial whistleblower report to the Premier? Of course, good whistleblower - goodbye job, goodbye pension. A farce.

2) Not stating that water be given the status of a human right? The Human Right to Water and Sanitation (HRWS) was recognized as a human right by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. But not here in P.E.I. A farce.

The real farce would be the result, if the honourable Liberals had been asked, if they had actually read all of the proposed bills and amendments. Perhaps they should have been given - before voting - a test to see if they knew what they were voting for; and if they hadn't read every word or failed a test on the legislation they not be allowed to vote. After all, we, the citizens - the real bosses of government - elected these members to represent us, not to be puppets.

The Conservative party made a good showing in all this - chasing a stick it didn't want to find.

A strong majority government has to be watched carefully. Anything will pass. And well hidden, if it can't be explained.

Gary Walker,


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