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LETTER: Ontario minister wrong to verbally attack Eugene Melnyk

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I’m writing this letter to protest the deplorable behaviour of Ontario’s tourism minister in her recent attack on Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk.

When we feminists fought for women’s rights in the 1960s, we never meant for the pendulum to swing this far.

Be assertive, make your voice known, stand up for your rights, don’t be afraid to promote your own talents ... all those things do not mean being a loud and foulmouthed.

While it is great to see women of all ages getting elected to a political office, this doesn’t give anyone, female or male, the right to verbally abuse someone just because it strikes your fancy at the time, or because you’re unhappy your favourite hockey team lost the coveted Stanley Cup!

I have to say to Minister Lisa MacLeod, that this unprovoked attack makes women in your position look very bad. Your recent demotion should go one step further and put you in a behind-the-scenes job, where hopefully you won’t be tempted to attack the people around you.

On another note, if that infamous leader to our south thinks he can steal our thunder as far as Alexander Graham Bell goes, I say, “Eat your heart out. It’s never going to happen!”

Kathy Birt,


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