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LETTER: Move to a fair and equal voting system

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While the Trudeau government is on thin ice, he continues to govern with the same degree of arrogance. Scheer is too busy trying to keep his own job and not paying attention to what is going on. Singh is intent on forcing through his election platform of pharmacare. The Bloc is doing what the Bloc always does while arguing with the West. The Greens! All three of them, not sure what they are doing beyond climate change. It seems to me with a minority government one of the first and most important items for Canadians, is electoral reform. If this government was to suddenly fall, we’d end up with the same old first-past-thepost system.

We would end up with the same unsatisfactory results, 60 per cent of votes wasted. Surely the most pressing issue facing the nation is electoral reform.

Look at the mess we have at present, provinces pitted against provinces, provinces pitted against the federal government. We seriously need a better system of electing our leaders.

Now is the time to move to a fair and equal voting system. The country needs to be represented evenly across all provinces.

Of course there are other equally important issues that must be attended too, but if and when the next election occurs we must be ready.

F. Ben Rodgers,


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