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LETTER: Move the UPEI bus stop

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I feel I must write something regarding the transit bus stop at the UPEI intersection on University Avenue. This four-way stop with traffic lights is a menace when dealing with a huge bus stopped just inches past the intersection picking up passengers. I have been right behind that bus at least three times this year when it came to a stop, while I had the green light. In all cases, there was cars zooming past to my left and nowhere for me to go but stay behind that bus halfway out of the intersection.

Last night, while caught behind that bus in the dark, it was nothing less the scary to have cars whizzing past me at top speed, tooting the horns, and cars still advancing into the intersection behind me tooting the horn. I had nowhere to go, until the traffic on my left all went through the intersection. I ask the question, why is that bus stop almost within the intersection? It is a dangerous situation at any time, but in the dark, I was terrified.

The bus stop needs to be moved ahead at least three bus lengths or more to make it a safer intersection. My first encounter at that intersection with a bus had me almost rear-ending the bus. Yes, it is a big bus with lots of lights to indicate it will pull over and stop, but the congested traffic leaves no time to pull out and pass.

Kathy Birt,

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