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LETTER: Most P.E.I. drivers discourteous, rude

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As a driver, I found that a great many drivers in P.E.I. are unsafe and discourteous. As a pedestrian saying that

drivers on the Island are unsafe and discourteous is too mild.

When I learned to drive, I was taught two very important

things. First you must be aware at all times what is going on in front, back and at the sides. Standing at a crosswalk,

with the lights flashing, drivers just sail through. They are looking straight ahead. They are not looking both ways and are not aware that the lights are flashing.

I bet even if a policeman in full uniform were at the crosswalk, people would still drive through.

In fact, I think uniformed police should walk around and try crossing the street. It would be quite the eye opener for them. Secondly, one should drive to the conditions of the road and weather. A great many Islanders seem to think that speed signs are suggestions. If weather is bad, the road is icy or driving into the sun, no one slows down.

In Summerside the main roads for the most part only have sidewalks on one side of the road. And sometimes you must walk on the side of the road with no sidewalk. It is the very rare driver that slows down as they pass you. Almost to a person they are speeding.

Crossing the street in Summerside, even walking on the sidewalks requires the utmost care because they are very dangerous places.

Carol Capper,


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