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LETTER: Many hats of Bill McGuire

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EDITOR: Saturday is a busy day at our home as we usually have our grandchildren for a sleepover on Friday night. I am a loyal newspaper reader and look forward to plucking The Guardian from our mailbox early each morning. Breakfast would not be complete without it.

I was in shock and saddened when I read the Jan. 15 Letter to the Editor from Kathy Birt acknowledging the retirement of Bill McGuire, Guardian editorial/opinion page editor.

I completely missed reading the One Final Editorial and cartoon in the Saturday, Jan. 12 edition of The Guardian. Over the years I have sent many letters to the editor. Some of the letters were controversial such as the lack of mammogram machines and linear accelerator at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Others were letters of praise for various events and entertainers on P.E.I. I always appreciated Bill for publishing these letters and quite often would send a note of thanks to Bill to say thank you.

As depicted in the cartoon, Bill surely did wear many hats over his journalistic career. I say, "hats off" to you Bill as you begin the next chapter of your life. May you have many rounds of golf and a healthy happy retirement!

Marlene Bryenton, Charlottetown

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