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LETTER: Letter writer got it wrong

Letters to the Editor
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In response to Palestinians not getting help, April 20: Truth is always the first casualty of war. The Washington Post just retracted an op-ed claiming Israel didn’t allow in medical supplies into Gaza – a falsehood picked up by other mainstream media.

Israel indeed allows medical supplies into Gaza. In fact, Israel continues to donate truckloads of medical supplies, including coronavirus test kits, to Gaza, even while Hamas responds with continued rocket attacks.

A quick reality check: Israel’s territory constitutes, by no means, illegal occupation; unless, of course, every country on the U.N. Security Council is also illegally occupying unentitled territory.

While an American president named Barack failed to live up to the presumptuous expectations of a pre-emptive Nobel Peace Prize, an Israeli prime minister also named Barak offered generous concessions during 2001 Taba peace conference. These included a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem accompanied by retreat, to essentially 1967 borders. With the Holy Land teetering on the brink of peace, Taba was promptly aborted by renewed bloodshed.

On the topic of apartheid walls: President Barack Obama volunteered the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to assist in constructing a bomb-proof steel underground wall along the border between (wait for it) Egypt’s border with the Gaza Strip. The denizens of Gaza no longer manage any contact with kith and kin in Egypt. The “apartheid” of Gaza is Egypt’s doing, not Israel’s.

Israel’s crime is nothing more than its persistent existence, a provocation which will not be brooked by an implacable foe who regards the entire Middle East an Islamist Waq'f.

Thomas Mueller,
Rothesay, N.B.


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