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LETTER: Let's put an end to student vaping

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I am writing in response to CBC's Adam Miller's online article on Sept. 20, “The Science Behind why Vaping is Becoming so Popular in Canada.” I strongly agree that vaping has become very popular and addictive. As a high school student, I'm very familiar with vaping as it is the main subject in many conversations. You can’t walk down a hallway in a high school without overhearing conversations about when they can’t get their next pod refill or about who is selling vapes at the moment.

It seems to be a top priority for all vape users to get their nicotine, and they don't see the problem in it. One-fourth of North American students vape and the majority of these students don't think it's a big deal at all. I don't know if it's because of the lack of knowledge of the harms it causes or if it's just that they don't care, but either way they’re still getting addicted at a very high rate.

I strongly believe that if the school system would have mandatory assemblies which focused on the harm and damage vaping causes, it’s very possible that the popularity would drop. When teenagers are vaping, they’re not thinking about the harm they are causing themselves. They’re thinking of how great it feels in the moment.

This would not work on everyone since people still smoke after there is clear evidence of it causing cancer, but for beginners who are just trying to fit in or want to be “cool,” these assemblies may change their minds. This vaping trend needs to end. We need to find ways and alternatives to prevent students from vaping.

Coleson Dodds (Three Oaks Senior High School),


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