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LETTER: Leftist political bent in cartoons

Letters to the Editor
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I would have a hard time imagining a more sinister figure than the political cartoonist gracing the editorial pages of the Journal Pioneer. (Is his name Bruce MacKinnon? His signature isn't nearly as clear as his political and sociological bent.)

I guess the order of the day is socialism, anti-Christian slurs, and left-wing extremism, and I guess a body has to make a living. But why do those with a conservative viewpoint have to endure his sneering, woke viewpoint in virtually every cartoon?

Sinister, because he promotes what is bad for the country morally, politically — and even its health. I get sick and tired of his using a cartoon spot that should deal with Canadian issues to vent his hatred of Donald Trump. Surely there is something in the Canadian administration that bears political scrutiny.

We are sufficiently acquainted with the fact that he identifies with the elites and leftists of the U.S. media and despises the voters that elected President Trump (and still support him). He even had to mock the measures made to secure the country against COVID-19. I doubt if his humour would fly in Italy right now.

Oh well, if this plague is gone soon enough for the tourist season he should be able to insult and drive away any Americans that happen to come here to spend their hard-earned dollars.

Ian Kurylyk,

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