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LETTER: Innocent people impacted by blockades

Letters to the Editor
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While watching the ongoing lawlessness that’s taking place across Canada in the form of railroad blockades and the seemingly zero response by the governing Liberals to resolve this matter one way or the other, brings me back to words written more than 40 years ago:

“Liberalism … has great faith in modifying human behaviour by adjusting underlying social conditions to make people desire the right thing instead of the wrong thing. In its clearest form, this is the response to crime control by liberals, who are not interested in tougher sentences, improved security devices, better armed and equipped police, more escape-proof prisons — they seek to change society or the malefactors, so that people do not want to commit crimes. This is also the form of the liberal solution to most foreign affairs problems — we should behave in a better manner and reorder the world so that the urge to war will be reduced and mankind will live in better harmony.” (B. Bruce-Biggs, American author, circa 1980)

Does any of this sound familiar as far as the present-day Liberals are concerned?

Also, a quote from Adam Smith, a Scottish philosopher (1723-1790) seems to fit these latest acts of lawlessness:

“Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.”

In other words, letting the blockades continue means hardships for every other Canadian.

John E. Clow,

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