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LETTER: Ignore B.C. letter

P.E.I. Premier Dennis King is shown at a briefing on April 28, announcing  plans for a phased-in approach to lifting restrictions related to the coronavirus (COVID-19 strain).
P.E.I. Premier Dennis King is shown at a briefing last month. - Government of Prince Edward Island

Dear Premier King, I write to urge you to ignore the letter from Herb Dunton, of B.C. (Open letter to premier, May 19). As an important part of that urging, I say a hearty "thank you" for the way you have cooperated with Dr. Morrison's excellent work to keep Islanders safe from the corona virus. Mr. Dunton has some flaws in his thinking and in his information that say that his wishes should be ignored.

He writes, "A 2019 WHO study found little or no evidence for the effectiveness of the various lockdown measures ..." In 2019, there was so little known about the behaviour of the virus that any such statement was destined to be altered by reality. Part of that reality is shown by the success that the Island has experienced via isolation.

He also writes, "I recognize the sad and tragic loss of many seniors and other citizens in Prince Edward Island, who have died ‘with’ or ‘of’ COVID-19." Since the real number is a lovely zero, he doesn't know what he is writing about.

We now know that no one is safe from this disease. That seniors have risk factors that may lead them to serious illness and death was seen, early on. Then, that adults in their prime years might die of strokes came as a surprise. The ugliest surprise is that children may suffer from inflammations of their circulatory systems, threatening their hearts and their lives.

Being a senior for some time, now, and living happily, safely and very well cared for at The Mount, I give thanks for the procedures that have been put in place here. Until we know more about the virus and have the means to treat and defeat the virus, all the while waiting for an effective vaccine, the cautious approach outlined by you and by Dr. Morrison looks like the safest path for the Island.

Carl Mathis,


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