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LETTER: Hurrah for the Marthas

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What great news that the Sisters of St. Martha are contributing to Kings Square Affordable Housing and are committed to providing support services to future residents. It is especially wonderful that they are publicly recognized in the media and elsewhere.

The Martha’s engagement in the life of the community is part of Island history and cultures for the past 104 years. This is well known to many of us. Most of the Sisters’ work goes unnoticed because much of their support is done quietly. Too few people realize the major influence they have had over the years. However, groups that are working with, and for, disadvantaged Islanders know well the depth of Martha generosity and support.

It is typical that the Marthas would be involved in this moment of drastic crisis in affordable housing in P.E.I. Bill Campbell (president of the Kings Square Affordable Housing Corporation) is smart to recognize that and be able to fulfill his dream - new affordable homes for 50 families who would not be able to pay the regular marketplace high rents.

Kudos also for the engagement of federal and provincial levels of government. The icing on the cake is that the building will be called Martha Place and that the announcement was made on the feast of St. Martha, anniversary of the founding of the Congregation.

Marie Burge,


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