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LETTER: Hoping new climate centre is skeptical, world-class

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The news reported in the July 6 Guardian about a new school of climate studies to be part of UPEI to be built at St. Peters is very interesting. There is a great deal of science that is not well understood concerning climate, and what effects possible future changes will have on human and other animal habitation. The more we study the issue the better.

I am hopeful that many issues will be addressed that do not necessarily replicate much work that is already being done in other schools. For example, if the school begins with a basic affirmation of current dogma that is part of IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) views, then the whole thing will be just another expensive effort at government window dressing around this important issue.

Hopefully we will see the school become a world-class centre for the study of climate with scientists who have an independent and skeptical outlook.

We have a great chance to make some meaningful contributions to the science right here on P.E.I. The need is great.

Peter Noakes,

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