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LETTER: Hoping for a BIG legacy

Basic income guarantee.
Basic income guarantee. - 123RF Stock Photo

Regarding the guest opinion by Marie Burge "Basic Income Guarantee: Let's just do it" (July 18, 2019), I want to concur with all she writes and when reading my past letter, I defer to her expertise. I wrote the MPs should do more and she said Wayne Easter strongly supported the program (until he didn't). I still call on all four members to do more but appreciate any support they muster. Another wording I will change is the use of "pilot program". The P.E.I. Working Group for a Livable Income no longer uses the term but rather uses policies and programs, which is clear that it isn't a pilot or study that is needed. The thing I most want is to see P.E.I. become a birth place of Basic Income Guarantee as Saskatchewan was the home of Medicare. What a legacy we could leave.

Lynne Thiele


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