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LETTER: Historical revisionism

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Re: The Guardian: Jim Wicks: "Memorials and Revisionism" (October 17). Once again, Jim Wicks has taken to the pages of The Guardian to falsely smear former Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion.

Contrary to Wicks' claims, Ben-Gurion did not and never did call for the eviction of Arabs from the nascent state of Israel. Wicks relies on claims from Ilan Pappé, an anti-Israel detractor who openly acknowledges that he has an animus against Israel and a political agenda. Pappé is known for his challenging the legitimacy of Israel and advocating for it to be the target of international sanctions to ensure that the Jewish state is dismantled.

Importantly, Ben-Gurion’s Oct. 5, 1937 letter to his son Amos did the opposite of what Wicks and Pappé allege, it expressed his fervent opposition to the expulsion of Arabs. Pappé's quote cited is a complete and utter fabrication. Ben-Gurion actually said the following: "We do not want to and we do not have to expel Arabs and take their place.”

Wicks openly acknowledged that he cannot substantiate quotes he claimed Ben-Gurion had made which HonestReporting Canada previously took him to task for. Wicks wrote: "I have to acknowledge that I have been unable to trace the original source for two of my quotes in my letter (September 2, 2018), and should not have used them without qualification."

Wick's use of a false quote to once again smear Ben-Gurion is shameful, replete with historical revisionism and was not worthy of publication by The Guardian.

Mike Fegelman,

HonestReporting Canada

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