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LETTER: Heat pumps vs. oil option


Several years ago I became interested in the Green Party, both federal and provincial, but the chances of them ever taking power seemed remote.  

That was back in the 1980s and 90s. Remember, we had a number of fuel shortages and the prices soared. People were concerned and the race for small fuel-efficient vehicles was on.
The big three produced some halfhearted attempts such as Vega, Pinto and Omni. They didn’t last and soon we were back to big gas guzzling trucks and V-8 cars again. However, today the story is different, indeed the situation is different, gas prices are at an all time high, prices that we once could not have imagined.
I think we can take hope from this, oil seems to be slipping, and the cancellation of the Energy East pipeline is a good example. Just drive around the Island today and try to count the number of heat pumps at private homes and large apartment buildings. We have several Green politicians elected across the country including here on P.E.I.
Climate change has become a reality (maybe not to Trump) and people are concerned. Finally, auto manufacturers are taking seriously the necessary change to electric and clean energy vehicles. China is leading the way and everyone else has to catch up. There is at last some hope for the future of our world and the human race

F. Ben Rodgers,
Abram Village


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