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LETTER: Government needs to prevent water exploitation

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I was one of the 50 people to visit the Irving holding ponds on Thursday (July 4). After merely hearing about these ponds, I found it very interesting, and shocking, to realize that these (seven I believe) ponds are fed from the many ordinary wells allowed to the Irving parcels of land, most of which hold four million gallons of water, and the latest of which holds 12 million gallons! An above ground swimming pool (10 by 20 foot) holds about 2,000 gallons, which makes doing the math quite scary! How long can our Island cope with this drain on our most precious resource?

I’m encouraged to hear that our Water Act is being discussed in the legislature, and hopefully the regulations to control such blatant exploitation of our water will give our government the teeth to protect us! We can no longer trust anyone to follow the spirit of the law, so protective regulations must be explicit in order to be enforceable.

Carol Lang,


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