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LETTER: Give Island bridge users a tax credit

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The discussion on the Confederation Bridge tolls is an interesting topic. It seems as though everyone wants a free bridge, but it seems to be hard to come up with a viable solution to this. Perhaps one way could be through a refundable provincial tax credit. For example, if someone drives across the bridge, they would acquire a receipt as proof of payment. This receipt can then be used (by residents of Prince Edward Island) during income tax time so that they can get a deduction on what they owe. This way, the government refunds those that are from Prince Edward Island for any trips they have, allowing them to have free (or reduced) travel across the bridge. It would be even better if this could act as a tax deduction on the amount that Islanders owe. This tax credit would also eliminate any excuses regarding "contracts with private companies," as the company that owns the bridge until 2032 would not be affected (in fact, they may even see an increase in revenue), therefore allowing the maintenance and operations by them to continue. Finally, the tax credit doesn't necessarily have to be for the full amount. Even if the tax credit only covers a part (such as 50 per cent) of the bridge cost, or if there's a maximum limit on how much Islanders can claim per year under this tax credit to prevent abuse or fraud, it would still be a huge help to those living here. While it would be nice to just eliminate the toll altogether, it's difficult to do so. This may be a cheaper and more viable option for the government, as it would not cover those from outside of Prince Edward Island. This means there's still revenue coming in to maintain the bridge from the large volume of tourism.

Thomas Burleigh,


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