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LETTER: Get on with the governance

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The election is over – time to get on with the governance of the country that at this troubled time, is the envy of the world. I want to say that the results of this election prove the wisdom of the first past the post system of governance.

I believe the results of this election will result in a stable four-year term with the only improvement being that the West will become more equal partners in confederation. In my opinion, the oil patch's global problems are not the main disparity of the Prairies. With the 2017 wash out of the railway line to the only western connection to the Atlantic Ocean at the Port of Churchill in Manitoba, I learned that there were three hundred kilometres of the north of the province without road or rail connection as the railway line and port had become privatized in the 1990s and both were owned by a U.S. company called Omnitrax.

The best actions of the past four years were buried under condemnation over an almost two-decades-ago costume worn by Trudeau when he was a teacher at a private school in B.C.

In my opinion, the two best actions by our Prime Minister. were the restoration of the independence of the Senate and the buy back and First Nations involvement with the restoration of the railway line to the Port of Churchill.

Congratulations and I look forward to four more years. My crystal ball tells me that if this minority government is unwisely defeated the good voters will give the liberals a full majority next time.

Marion E. MacCallum,


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