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LETTER: Georgetown needs a safe place during emergencies

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I hope that after the devastation caused by post-tropical storm Dorian (or Hurricane Dorian, or whatever it was called) that hammered P.E.I. last Saturday and Sunday, that the provincial government and The Three Rivers region will examine the efficacy of creating an emergency shelter/warming centre for the residents of Georgetown.

Georgetown is the second largest town by population in the Three Rivers region.

While we appreciate the fact that Cardigan and Montague have emergency shelters (or warming centres), it may be impossible to access these communities in the midst or aftermath of a serious catastrophic event due to road closures, power lines and trees down, snowfall and any number of other impediments to travel.

Seniors and others with mobility issues might also have difficulty reaching one of these neighbouring communities.

It is time to invest in a generator to be located at either the Kings Playhouse, the Three Rivers Sportsplex, or the town hall that will afford Georgetown, Burnt Point and the neighbouring residents a place of safety in the midst of a natural disaster or serious weather emergency.

Ask the residents who have been without power for five days whether it would be of help if they could recharge their phones and electronics, have a hot cup of coffee or a shower close to home or have the security of knowing this safe location was within walking distance.

I believe advocacy for emergency preparedness for our small, vulnerable coastal communities is important and necessary as the weather becomes more unpredictable and severe.

If the Three Rivers region fails to address the safety of its individual communities or considers it whining when residents raise important safety issues, so be it. Now, let’s buy that generator.
Richard and Stacy Toms, 

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