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LETTER: Fur flying over robes

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard Wagner shake hands prior to Canada's Governor General Julie Payette's delivery of the Throne Speech, as parliament prepares to resume for the first time after the election in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada December 5, 2019. REUTERS/Blair Gable
Supreme Court of Canada judges wear robes made with real fur - Reuters

The piece protesting that the Supreme Court of Canada has fancy robes, trimmed with “real fur,” puts hair in the eye.

“Nowadays these robes are worn only a handful of times each year,” according to the author. They won't wear out very rapidly. Also, the Toronto shop where the robes were made is even closed, now. So, we think that no mink has had to blink at this for awhile. Also, Canada's spread across the continent was driven by the fur trade.

But consider, as the author recommends, decorating the robes with fake news, er, fake fur. Has anyone considered the cries of suffering at the orlon ranch when they are harvesting orlon piles for the fake fur?

Save the orlon!

Carl Mathis,

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