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LETTER: Funding announcements popping up as federal election approaches

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Well the big item election promises from Island federal Liberals are underway. First out of the starting gate was MP Lawrence MacAulay with his $18.5-million climate research science building. And guess where it will be (maybe) built? In MacAulay’s riding, of course. Next, although not right on his heels, was MP Sean Casey declaring federal support dollars for affordable housing in Charlottetown.

The two non-starters so far appear to be MP Wayne Easter and MP Robert (Bobby) Morrissey. Well, Easter did sneak his face into a photo about a federal road building grant. It sounded real good at first, but when explained it was over four years, it turned out to be less than previous grants. Poor Wayne! What can he build in his riding?

Then we have Morrissey in western P.E.I. Anyone remember him? He is no better off than Easter. The best he has come up with to date is the Liberal middle class gimmick. Apparently, middle class Islanders have more money in their pockets thanks to Bobby! Funny how we rarely hear from our Island MPs until election time, then the promises pour forth. Still Wayne and Bobby will really have to pull a rabbit out of the hat soon. Lots of serious competition in both their districts. In fact, I would think the competition will be really tough in all four districts. People are fed up, angry and they want change. So this election will be very interesting, and I would not be surprised to see a couple — maybe all of our longtime — MPs disappear into the sunset. I’m looking forward to the federal election probably more than our four sitting MPs are!

F. Ben Rodgers,

Abram Village

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