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LETTER: Friendliness between political parties fading fast

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It has been almost three months since the election where Islanders voted to put the people we have in the legislature. Now that the dust has settled and the parties have begun to demonstrate what they are made of, I know that most Islanders when they vote, they do so expecting at least some of what was said by those running for office as being true or at least appealing - so we vote accordingly.

Most times when governments are formed, there are high hopes of good things to happen. Now, I know that everybody expects that there is a learning process for the new government - seeing how it is a minority one - that it might take time to get it right. So, what has happened to date.

First of all, let’s look at the spirit of getting along that Mr. King has been trying to promote. I think that this business of being friendly and bonding between the parties is starting to fade and fade fast. I believe that when one of the parties in this union, I believe it was the Green party, first off the gate complaining that they didn’t like the tone of the other party, as they said it was “heckling.” So, there was an issue about that, and so Mr. King caved on that and allowed them to replace heckling with grandstanding. I know the Speaker is new at the job but the Opposition is there to ask questions not grandstand. Maybe there should be a motion forbidding grandstanding? The official Opposition - the Greens - have been using this session to declare that they are policy makers only and if Islanders have any questions or concerns that should should call 1-800 do it yourself.

They did say that they do things differently. Boy they weren’t kidding. So if you are looking for a job, housing, education, health, road work or just about anything that MLAs use to do, call the department - not them. The Liberals or what is left of them, being the third party, are out there licking their wounds after the trouncing they got. When a party is put out of office after so many years in power, they leave a lot of skeletons in the closet for the new government to jump on. Now, Mr. King said that he will be doing things differently. Really? When Mr. King and his troops only answer to the Liberals when questioned about why they are doing something is - ‘you guys did, so we are too.’ I use to hear that in grade school. Seeing that, this great lovein is starting to unravel, maybe the upcoming (deferred) election on July 15 will show who is the party that is living up to their vows when they got sworn in at the Chambers of Love.

J. Bruce MacIsaac,


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