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LETTER: Floating dock or floating deck?

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To dock, or not to dock – that is the question. “According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a dock is “a usually wooden pier used as a landing place or moorage for boats.” According to Charlottetown City Council, “the dock will go in but the public will not be permitted to launch anything off it.” So, if I am reading this correctly – boats can land at the dock, and moor at it, but not launch from it. Very clear.

Can we swim from it? Or maybe fall in the harbour from it? There are no handrails in the design, so is there going to be a lifeguard stationed there? You know, just for safety’s sake, or perhaps for liability’s sake – at taxpayers’ expense, of course.

I think what city council is actually thinking about is a ‘Floating Deck’ – not a ‘ Floating Dock’.

Well, since we already own it we may as well use it — as a ‘dock’ or a ‘deck’. After all, the little people in the little drawings seem to be having a good time.

Or maybe they’re just happy to finally see the sun, as they sit on the ‘floating ‘thing.’

Gary Walker,


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