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LETTER: Fix noisy air circulation unit ASAP

Letters to the Editor
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I recently read the news story concerning a family living next to the call centre (old Co-op) building in Summerside. The lady is telling her story of frustration with our present and past city councils, concerning a noisy circulation unit. This family has lost many nights of good sleep over the constant noise of this unit. I am reading this story, seeing two councils have had this complaint, and no satisfaction to date.

Coun. Cory Snow is, by all accounts, doing what he can to help this family. What is very disturbing to me and should be with many, is the length of time this issue has dragged on. To add insult to injury, this family apparently has been told they will have to live with it, after failed attempts by the city to fix the issue. The city owns this building, so any liability, or issues of concern fall directly with the city. This has gone through two councils, two CAOs, two mayors and 16 councillors, not to mention engineers and other department heads. This family deserves credit for speaking up and not going away.

Someone has to be held accountable for the decisions made to date. How could such a simple issue take over three years to fix? I would suggest the city fix this deplorable situation ASAP. Stop the embarrassment from mounting. Actions such as this make our city look bad.

David Griffin,


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