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LETTER: Elected officials must come together and address climate change

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Listening to the news, I hear of floods in England, forest fires in Siberia, heat waves in Japan, drought in Australia, crisis in India and several other nations situated around the world. Here in Canada, I believe the great majority of the population are doing their best to curb pollution and reduce their carbon footprint. However, half of our nation’s elected premiers are fighting with the federal government over the carbon tax.

They are hell-bent on challenging the government in the Supreme Court of Canada. I have to assume these premiers are intelligent people, and they surely know the risks of changing climates. I’m not saying the government is doing the right thing imposing the carbon tax. Nevertheless, it must be a wiser course of action than wasting huge sums of taxpayers’ money fighting a court case. The five premiers would do better to engage the government in serious discussion. Our leaders need to come together and seek solutions to the serious world threat, instead of squabbling among themselves.

The time of party politics is over. Elected members, both federal and provincial, must dedicate all their efforts to this looming problem. If we can’t come to a sensible solution very soon, it may be too late. It has been said many times, “there is no Planet B.”

So, instead of blaming other countries, why can’t we be a world leader? We have heard a variety of naysayers each claiming things like ‘we aren’t as bad as other countries’ and ‘we have the trees that are reducing our carbon so don’t need this tax.’ The list goes on, but in the meantime, global warming and severe weather patterns continue unabated.

It is time for everyone to pull together in the hope of meeting the challenge of climate change. It’s beyond reason that we have to fight with elected officials to make them do the right and necessary thing.

F. Ben Rodgers,


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