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LETTER: Don't treat nature as a garbage dump

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The Trout River Environmental Committee (TREC) works to help our rivers and streams be healthy.

The Trout River runs through Millvale to Stanley Bridge along with its tributaries and brooks feeding into it.

Through the windows in my home I look across to a beautiful island. Boaters often stop there. Sometimes, people stay overnight. Years ago, the Red Cross swimming program used it as an out-tripping site. Sadly, that would not be possible now.

Garbage consisting of cans, bottles and all manner of leftovers get left behind on the island.

Recently, two members of TREC filled my canoe with such garbage — enough to fill two black carts plus two bags.

My questions to those who leave their garbage for others to pick up is: How would you like it if garbage was left on your lawn? Are you always inconsiderate of others? Do you consider public property to be dumping grounds? Do you appreciate a clean, natural site? Are you setting an example for your children? Are you concerned about the future of our rivers and streams?

My thanks to the many ways TREC and other volunteers make a difference.

Marion Murphy,


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